Awkward adolescent with attitude


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Nick has lived in Mhowe all his life. He is barely 13 years old. He has had to fight for his survival each and every day. He looks about 17 years old in terms of build — 5’8" and 160 pounds — stocky, oafish and maybe even showing some signs of facial hair now and then. He is always dirty and greasy. For being stocky, he is quite agile and coordinated — a product of his environment as a street urchin. One distinguishing feature is that he always wears gloves.

Another distinguishing feature is that Nick carries on his back and side several sacks of various sizes. Nick has constructed an elaborate pulley and counter-balancing system out of rope and sturdy twine so that when his body shifts, Nick can pull on about a half dozen little ropes and knot strands that protrude from his clothes to shift the weight in his sacks. As a result, the sacks move with him when he adjusts his stance or moves quickly. He can also drop the sacks at a moment’s notice to shed weight for combat or fleeing.

For some odd reason, he has learned some proficiency in meat cleaver. He says that this is due to it being a simple, easy to find, weapon.


Nick acts like a kid. Kids on the street are treated poorly, as most are thought of thieves, which Nick is (sort of). To get around this stereotype, Nick will tell others he is much older, but he is always called out for it because he has the mannerisms of a kid. He is not scared or fearful — life on the street changes that.

He has managed to get by – just get by – by taking what others did not want. That is always his first option before stealing items or food.

Recently, he has done odd jobs for local businesses before they discover that the cash till is a few coppers or silvers light. He has managed to always stay one step ahead of being reported to the law. He has been caught and on the verge of being turned in when he turns on his charm and uses his bluff skill to escape.

Nick loves the city and knows quite a bit about it, including secret tunnels and back alley ways. He knows which inn throws out the best meat in the trash and which inn’s scraps to avoid. He has ventured out of the city only once or twice to go in nearby farms to kill chickens when he was really hungry, but he does not like to leave the city because of the added scrutiny that comers and goers receive from the city guard.

Nick is morally centered and will help those in need; he wants others to do the same to him even though he’s a grown up and can fend for himself.

Nick is sort of like a special kid at the orphanage. He’s not the ringleader, but he helps others out all the time. Smarter kids tell him what to do, even younger kids. It’s no big deal. He likes all the kids. They are his sisters and brothers. He has learned the “orphanage code.” They have to steal to survive and eat. He will never rat on anyone. This has made him popular. It seems even orphans in other nearby cities respect him.


His parents, Clorissa and Sterling, were killed by bandits when he was young and that they were a member of a merchant guild. He does not remember exactly when, or have much memory of anything before he arrived at the orphanage at the age of 3 or 4.

From as long as he can remember, Nick has been an orphan and stayed at the Lantern Street Orphanage. It is run by Gretchyn Pasches, an old halfling woman. He spent a lot of time there but it usually doesn’t have enough food or beds to accommodate all the orphans of Mhowe, so he has lives on the streets at times to let other younger kids have their meals and beds. The Orphanage is his safe haven when he was sick or hungry and he has never been turned away. Nick loves “Grammy Pasches” and the half orc “jack of all trades” (janitor, guard, etc.) Skwortch, who is an old man, former “fighter” and has a patch over one eye. He does odd jobs around the orphanage and he seems like a decent fellow.


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