Almira Hamza et Kepeci

Female Khinasi Apportation mage


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Almira Hamza et Kepeci


Her lineage strtches back to Dijira nearly 400 years ago, a strong noble family, noble enough that they retained their Hamza name through the ages. When the awnshegh named the Basilisk appeared, it destroyed or drove off the inhabitants. Her family fled to Djafra and settled into life there. Still the devastation and poisons that the Basilisk unleashed upon their homeland seemed to poison their family line as well. She was her parent’s only child, the last in a long line of only children.

Her parents arranged a good marriage to a noted herbalist and alchemist from the City of Nurida, Mehmed Kepeci. They travelled widely, and she made many friends in the magical community who encouraged her. She dabbled in magic while working on developing maps and charts to help her husband keep track of where he found the rare ingredients. She rode with him on many trips, and took her turn piloting their small Dhow the Sherai Khen Salva (Calm after the Storm). Formal marriage soon developed into a long-lasting affection and trust. He even sponsored her trip to the Temple of Rinil in Mairada to make the formal five vows of a Khinasi mage. Sadly, they never had children.

Djafra is a rough place for any merchant, particularly one who was unaligned with the major trade guilds. Refusing to do business with the Society of the Serpent made a bad situation worse. He undertook a dangerous expedition into hostile lands to make a name for himself. They fought over the expedition, with him leaving in the middle of the night so she could not accompany him. He didn’t return.

She lost the quay-side shop during the events of the Light; a fire devastating many of the warehouses and shops as undead ravaged the city. She retreated to the Sherai to wait out the devastation. Her situation was precarious and she was nearly destiute when a miracle occurred. Her husband returned. He had been betrayed by the Djafran Merchant League for the map and sold off to the Society of the Serpent. Chained as a rower on one of their galleys, he spent those missing three years in misery. He was freed by a group of adventurers, including two Khinasi- one of which who claimed to be a Masetian King and another a Sword of Avani from Ariya.

Together again, they rebuilt their business, making more friends along the way. BUt problems with the Serpent Society continuesd. An assassin managed to slip him a deadly poison as he sat at a local coffee house. She had to flee shortly after returning his ashes to the family urn at his parent’s house.

She fled far, all the way to the Chimaeron

Almira Hamza et Kepeci

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