Jenneken Gabriels

Anuierien Social Negotiations Expert


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Jenneken Gabriels


Jenneken shares little of her past before meeting the group. It is known she has traveled extensively through Anuire, never staying in any one location long.

She has limited magical powers, most of which revolve around looking and talking like another person. She is very defensive about this, angrily scolding Nick at one point when he suggested she pose as a town guard.

When in towns, or when needed at other times, her most common “alternate form” is that of an attractive dark-haired woman wearing a red cloak. This woman is younger than Jenneken, but bears a family resembelence to her. (This is the woman shown in the photograph.) At other times, when appropriate, she can appear in the form of any man-sized humanoid. She also has the ability to change her voice. This does not always work, and there has been more than one occasion where her voice did not match her appearance.

Jenneken Gabriels

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