Birthright: Rise of the Kingmakers

Session 18, A Shopping Trip-up

July 7-13, 561 H.C.

Present: Present: Brian, Jess, Ken, Ron; Absent: Dave

Current Goal: quested by Prince Renerick (of Mhowe) to investigate Caelcorwynn Island and possible activities there by The Serpent.

Last Session Recap: (in the catacombs of the sphinx) fought some tough zombies, fought undead lizard thing, found the book, Necronomicon mind-control problems, clever tricks with magic to get people un-charmed, wandered catacombs a bit more, Nick found mechanical rat, exited sphinx away from Serpent people AND the goblins, trekked all the way back across island, boat was missing

On-line Roleplay Recap: Vendar found Nixie over at decimated village, group went there, Lavinia said boat damaged from storm, need a day to do repairs, avoided scout group of goblins, set sail the next evening

July 7-10, 561 aboard the Blue Nixie in the Gulf of Coeranys

Jenneken learned two new spells– both ranged, one drains 2D Physique, the other grants 2D Physique.

Almira learned a new spell* that enchants up to 6 small stones or rocks, causing them to spin around her in the air, then she can shoot them as projectiles, 1 per turn with no action.

Khisenya busy trying to decipher “priest spellbooks” found in sphinx.
Almira confirmed mechanical rat is magical, and can become bound to a “master” from whom it will accept commands, but couldn’t figure out how to form the bond. Lavinia said her family knows a group of mages in Calrie that should be able to help.

July 11, 561- Aboard the Blue Nixie, Approaching Calrie via Aerenwe River

Calriean cutter approached the Nixie and stopped them from entering the harbor because the queen died. There were a large group of nobles in the city working to determine the new queen (or king). Nick thought the queen was assassinated and wanted to sneak off the boat to investigate. Khisenya told him to shut up and sit down.

Nick still managed to overhear some gossip. The queen had no heirs and her top two lieutenants had both refused to take the thrown. Lavinia explained that the human lords didn’t care for them, as they were both half-elven. Almira knows that the brothers tried to keep the peace between the humans and the elves of the Erebannien (a large forest taking most of the Aerenwe province).

Nick further overheard that Vanthus Vanderboren – Lavinia’s scandalous brother, the one they found was behind the theft her family’s fortune – was the popular favorite to take the throne. Jenneken recalled that Vanthus was apparently working with a roguish group known as The Blue Lotus. Nick remembered that group from the flower tattoos that some of their members had.

After getting the name of a reputable exchange merchant (where to sell the platinum plates and goblets they took from the sphinx), Almira portaled the group from the boat to shore, and they trekked a few miles along the shore into the city.

Jenneken paid for a boat taxi over to the western market where the antique vendor (Silver Dragon Antiques) was located. The Halfling vendor examined the Maesetian items and negotiated with Almira, who had a difficult time translating her Khinasi trading etiquette to the local customs. Eventually they agreed on a price, but the merchant said he would need to access his account to get the funds. (The total amount was +22 to funds)
The group found a reputable inn and settled for the night.

July 12, 561- Calrie docks, Aernwe

Back at the antiques merchant, most of the group went inside while Vendar waited outside. Vendar noticed someone lurking in the shadows nearby, watching them.

Inside, Jenneken noticed an odd gem on a high shelf. The merchant explained that legend held that Emperor Roele used gems like that one to mark where he entered into the Shadow World. After some negotiating, Jenneken managed to convince him to sell it for the coins she had in hand (no debit from Funds pool).

Almira noticed an odd box that looked like a miniature ornate treasure chest. The group had to knock off some of their agreed-to price for the Maesetian temple items, but the Halfling agreed to sell it to her.

The group left with a few new trinkets and quite a bit more coins in their pocket (3 funds pool points each for everyone, plus an extra 2 for Nick). (Note- this is the remains of the net 22 from earlier)

Meanwhile outside, Vendar snuck away and transformed into his small cat form to circle around and eavesdrop on those who were watching. A normal-dressed man spoke with a cloaked woman with her hood up. They mentioned that “he’s still inside” and “then just leave the mark and we can find him later.” The woman left, and then the man drew a symbol in chalk on the building across from the antiques shop and also left.

The symbol looked like a stylized version of the “comedy” mask used in theatrics. Nick recognized the symbol as that of a gang common to port towns known as “The Smilers”, due to the fact that they are known for slitting their victim’s throats in a smile-like curve. Nick said they were very bad news in Mhowe and he stayed far away from them.

Making their way back to Almira’s boat, they group stopped to buy supplies for the journey back to Mhowe (drinking water, rations, etc.). Nick went off on his own to see if he could learn from the local urchins what was going on with The Smilers; he would meet the others back at the boat.

Khisenya left to spend time in a local Ariyan temple.

Vendar found a Rjurik shop full of herbs and other interesting items. He re-stocked his healing kit, and bought some rare herbs:
• “Iron scale” – provides +2 armor for 10 minutes when in bird form
• “Shadow rose” – provides +2 to Acumen-based rolls in shadowy illumination (gave to Almira)
• “Chill root” – causes person to grow fur, +2D versus cold damage
Almira found a Khinasi magic shop and bought some enchanted items:
• “Bright daisy” – brew to give +1D to Acumen (helps with checks for those on watch)
• “Ghost root” – brew to give 3 hour sphere of protection against undead (mettle role to pass)
• “Cerilian wolf urine” – sprinkle around campsite to repel animals (mettle roll to pass)
Jenneken found { TBD }
• (Ken will ponder and come up with some ideas)

While carousing, Jenneken heard rumors that Vanthus was using blackmail to get the nobles to appoint him regent of Aerenwe.

Khisenya arrived at the boat in early evening, and talked Almira into joining her at a proper Khinasi bathhouse that she found.

Jenneken returned late from her rounds of the taverns, but Nick was nowhere to be seen.
Vendar searched the city in his owl form, but found no trace of him.
With no ideas on how to find him, the group settled in for the night.

July 13, 561- Calrie docks, Aernwe

Morning arrived and still no Nick.
Jenneken offered to transform to Nick’s form and wander the town, so that if someone had captured him, they might react and give a clue to where he is. Vendar would follow in small cat form, and Almira would come along as well to help with getting around. Khisenya would stay back at the boat in case Nick did return.

Eventually the group passed the taxidermist shop where they earlier encountered some of Vanthus’s thugs. They saw the shopkeeper start in shock when “Nick” walked by. A minute later, a large dog with an unusually large collar started pacing down the street, sniffing where Jenneken-Nick had been walking.

Kitty-Vendar tried to goad the dog into chasing him, but the collar on the beast seemed to be enchanted to preventing it from running off. Almira approached the dog and used her lock-pick spell to remove the collar. The spell worked, but it discharged painfully.
Jenneken ducked away and changed appearance to that of a drunk, then stumbled over to the alley by the taxidermist. Kitty-Vendar went over to join her, and commented quietly that the shadows in the alley were unusually dark. Further, the hooded woman from outside the antiques shop was hiding in those magical shadows.

Kitty-Vendar wandered down the alley and couldn’t see the woman, but did see some steps leading down to a cellar beneath the taxidermist.

After a brief discussion, the three decided to approach the cellar. There was no one in the alleyway, and Almira’s spell showed there was just a small entryway on the other side. The door was unlocked, so they went inside. An inner doorway apparently lead back up to the shop, as Almira saw with her Glimpse spell. Checking for secret doors, none of them could find anything, but Almira’s Glimpse spell found a passageway on the other side of the wall.
Jenneken used her illusion abilities to change her appearance to look like the taxidermist. Almira cast Stoneskin spell, and Vendar changed to his large cat form, retaining the ability to speak. Then Almira used her Portal spell to get the group inside.

Searching for a bit, the group avoided a room where Vendar could hear voices on the other side. Thinking ahead, Jenneken created an illusion of a spiked pit with the taxidermist’s body impaled there. The idea was that if they had to flee, their pursuers would hesitate at the sight.

Searching further, the group found a practice room with combat dummies and locks to practice picking.

Doubling back to the first door, Almira’s Glimpse showed 3 guards chatting around a table. Loaded crossbows laid ready at their fingertips. The far side of the small room had another door. Being within range of her Portal spell, Almira made to allow the group to “jump” across the guard room.

Searching the passageways on the far side of the guard room, they found a lounge with comfortable chairs and a holding pen for some sort of huge chained beast. A dead end with an air hole above had a secret door leading to a small, well-lit chamber with two doors and a ladder leading to a trap door. Checking the trap door, Almira said it lead to the interior of a dusty warehouse.

In a lapse of judgement, Almira used her Unlock spell to proceed through one of the locked doors, and set off an acid trap. Burned badly, Vendar bandaged her skin and Jenneken gave her a healing potion. Her wounds were healed, but her clothing was ruined.
Making their way carefully down a passage with multiple traps, they found a natural cavern with a large pool. The natural tunnel continued on past the pool. Jenneken guessed that there were many such passages, allowing for many points of entry (and escape).
Doubling back toward the hallway that lead toward the large group of voices, Almira found a barracks room, which they avoided. Another door with a large lock led to a room that held four very large barrels – likely beer storage.

As they went to proceed further down the hallway, they heard voices coming toward them from down the hall…

The group gains 2 character points for these actions



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